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mobile.anb.com.sa mobile.anb.com.sa نشاط ترتيب الأعداد 0 إلى 30 - الأعداد، عربي، استخدم هذه الأوراق للمساعدة في تدريس الأعداد وترتيبها. بعد قط البطاقات التي تحتوي على الأعداد تلصق على الورق بالترتيب الصحيح من الأصغر إلى الأكبر. Trafco Group Trafco Group has announced the promotions of their senior executive management effective Jan 2017. General Manager Mr. Sridhar is promoted as “Group Chief Executive Officer” and Assistant General Manager Mr. Sameer Abdulla Alkhan to the position “Assistant Group Chief Executive Officer”.

Nitron Bank. The first scientific "Luck Bank" game in the world. Bank contents: The Board: consists of 4 sides, each side represents a scientific field, i.e , the board contains 4 fields which are: Chemistry, Physics, Cosmology and Biology.

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Bank of Palestine - Online Banking Bank of Palestine was established in 1960 with the view of promoting financial services in Palestine, financing projects and fulfilling the financial and banking needs of the different economic and social segments of the Palestinian society.